Our Pledge

Variety Communications stand committed to:
Career Growth & Learning

Variety takes employee upskilling and industry exposure seriously. It’s vital that our new employees have equal exposure to the ins and outs of the industry as our more experienced specialists. This entails that we don’t just send our workforce to short courses. We support them in being certified by accredited sources, including diploma programs.

Why so? In a human-centric working environment where we require deep domain expertise in advanced technology combined with adaptive people skills. We constantly need our officers to be equipped to create more complex and sophisticated productions that meet the needs of their clients.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

We are a racially diverse team, who understands deeply that discrimination and segregation will only stand in the way of the best delivery of our work.

In a high-pressure environment where success or failure is weighed in a second, the services we provide require all hands on deck.

We celebrate our diversity, culture, and traditions. All employees are given the same opportunities for projects or training regardless of their culture, background and identities.

Environmental Sustainability

We bear in mind that providing our services does contribute to carbon emissions, so we do our best to reduce waste by recycling materials and digitising our processes, minimising energy use or using energy-efficient equipment for our projects.

It’s important for us to use sustainable products and to choose local vendors for the best supplies or services to reduce transportation emissions and support local businesses like ourselves.

Work-Life Balance

Creating a work environment that supports a good work-life balance for our staff is essential to Variety Communication’s success. Employee satisfaction with reduced stress, improved productivity, and balanced efficiency allow us to work better as a team.

Our leadership is structured to work with employees to establish reasonable workload expectations, including work hours, deadlines and schedules. Long hours, tight deadlines and high-stress situations are common in the event industry. We encourage open communication to understand how the organisation can address any health and well-being issues.